Why WPSearch was created

The WordPress.org Plugin Directory hosts the largest amount of free, GPL licensed WordPress plugins on the net. Currently about 50.000. Finding the right plugin in the directory however, is often cumbersome and unintuitive. Basically you are restricted to a simple search and after that have to grind through hundreds of pages, or do another search with a more detailed keyword.

WPSearch is going to change this.


WPSearch is making heavy use of DataTables and allows the user to filter, sort and search WordPress plugins via asynchronous Database access (AJAX). This means you’ll find what you are looking for much easier.

WPSearch also uses a so called Bayesian Average algorithm for the plugins ratings. This algorithm takes into account the amount of votes applied to a rating, so that a plugin with a single rating of 5 stars will not automatically reach the top.

How to use WPSearch

Generally, the WPSearch user interface is self explanatory. However, quick results are achieved by searching for a keyword and then using the sort filters, mainly “Rating” and “Downloads”. Keep in mind that the “Downloads” property can be misleading as WordPress counts every update as a Download. Evaluate the “Installs” property to accommodate for this behavior.